Asst. District Directors East

Tom Tipton


Asst. District Director Central

Libby Jennings

919-732-7961 (H)

919-291-1918 (C)

District Directors

Glenn and Joy Kennedy

919-740-0045 (G) 919-740-0395 (J)

District Treasurers

Bev and Ron Chapman

 828-256-7192 (H)

828-234-4338 (B)

828-244-8003 (R)

District  University Coordinators

John Bryant

919-728-8447 (H)

817-455-0632 (C)

Couple Of The

Year 2019-2020

Donald and Helen Cranfil


Bike Silhouette Bike Silhouette

District Membership  Enhancement Program Coordinator

Sue and Charles Langley


District Educator

Tony & Shirley Prewitt


District Ride Coordinator

James (Jimmy) Quick


District Asst. Ride Educator

Paul Breau


District Asst. Ride Educator

Roger Felton




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District Care Bear

Mary Felton



District Newsletter Editor

District Webmaster

Debra K. Lawler


District Vendor Coordinator

919-528-0503 (H)

919-602-9955 (R)

Asst. District Director


Clyde Alexander