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Mary Felton

We have GWRRA friends needing our prayers


10-02-22 NC-C2/Dist Charles is home from the hospital and doing good. Thank you for your prayers. Between pain and the hurricane  all is well. Love everyone dearly


10-01-22 NC-H2 It is with a heavy heart that I pass this sad news on to you regarding Tim Smith.  We do not know the details but I will forward them as soon as I receive it. Desi’s home address is: Desi Smith  26 Rock Hill Road  Clarksville, VA  23927


10-01-22 NC-U2 Nikki Strickland's DAD Passed away. Please have the family in your prayers . 

Cards can be sent to 12460 Briarwood drive Laurinburg N C 28352


9-28-22 NC-C2/Dist We were told last night that Tom fell on some steps and shattered his knee cap and will have to have surgery, he could use some prayers and well wishes. Cards may be sent to 111 Laura Lane Goldsboro, NC 27530. Tom is a member of C2 and the ADD of the East.


9-26-22 NC-C2/Dist Charles was admitted to Smithfield Hospital this afternoon with severe diverticulitis. We would certainly appreciate your prayers. Also tomorrow is our 61th anniversary so we are very thankful to be together in sickness and happiness!! Love all of you dearly. 


8-25-22 NC-N I wanted to let everyone know that Shirley Manning has been in the hospital since Sunday with respiratory problems but hopes to come home tomorrow. She needs her Gold Wing Family to pray for her.  Card can sent to: 2410 Cambridge Road, Burlington, NC  27215


8-21-22 NC-S2 We just got word from Tara Davis that her dad just passed away, Tara is part of the COY for NC-S2, if you want to send cards you can send them to Paul & Tara Davis 795 Milton Welch Rd. Sanford NC 27332


8-20-22 NC-S2/District We just got word  that Roger Felton’s brother was hit by a motorcycle at a motor cross race in NY and he just passed away. Cards may be sent to Roger at 2085 White Hill, Sanford, NC 27332


8-16-22 NC-H2 Gary Henry lost his stepmom at 11 o’clock last night but her trials and tribulations are over. She’s in a much better place than us. If you can, please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers especially his sister Beth. She’s the one that’s been having to deal with it and still will because there is much to be settled even though I’m sure they had it all worked out. Their stepmom’s name was Beatrice Harris and she lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Gary does not think he will be going to Baton Rouge. Gary’s home address is: 4051 Cedar Hill Drive, Haw River, NC 27258


6-12-22 NC-X/Former DD My surgery went as planned on Wednesday.  We are now awaiting pathology reports. Glenn's rotator cuff recovery was going well. But then came the accident. As we were returning home from my surgery we were in a head on collision on a rural highway.  Just when you think you have about all you can handle, here comes some more.  If you saw the car, you'd realize, it is only by God's good graces that we're here to tell you about it.  The two fractures on Glenn's left arm (yes it ‘s the same side as the rotator cuff surgery) has set back his rotator cuff recovery. Mom ‘s shins now are covered by hematomas, as her legs collided with the bottom of my seat. She and I both still experience some soreness from the seat belt restraint.   Miraculously that’s the extent of all the injuries from the accident.  (The other driver had no injuries as he was in a monster truck).  All in all, the three of us are still on the road to recovery, it's just a slightly different road now.  It is your prayers that have sustained us through it all. Thank you very much.


6-9-22 NC-S2 Pat Jordan’ s father in law Oneil Bennett has passed, cards may be sent to Pat & Tena Jordan 145 Cotton Patch Pl, Southern Pines, NC 28387.


6-7-22 Former NC-D Alice Manning, fell and broke her wrist, she could use some prayers former CD for chapter D


5-28-22 NC-G2 This breaks my heart. Joe was a friend and a great supporter of GWRRA. I have known Joe as a G2 member when I moved here in 2002. Joe was active before that. Joe was our point man for the honor guard at WOS this year. Cards may be sent to 94 Frontier Dr. Sylva, NC 28779


5-17-22 NC-C2/Dist Dear GWRRA Family, It is with a very heavy heart that we send out this big prayer request. Herndon, our son, has been told by the doctors that cancer has now spread to multiple places in his body. Extensive radiation treatments will begin on May 18th, followed by chemotherapy to help relieve his pain. Herndon will tell you in a minute that God is in control and we are standing together. Would you please stand with us and continue on this journey of life with the Langley family. We love you and appreciate your faithfulness as we walk this walk of faith!! Love,  Charles and Sue Langley 


5-10-22 NC-S2 Hey guys, this is Tara Davis we need your prayers please. My dad was rushed back to UNC hospital this morning.


5-8-22 NC-S2 Tara Davis’s father is in UNC hospital, they just discovered he has cancer of the Esophagus, and stomach, she is asking for prayers, she is part of the COY for NC-S2


5-1-22 NC-A Pat Wilson, wife of Jerry Wilson, mother of Milissa Wilson passed away Sunday , May1st, Pat & family were life time members of WGRRA and Chapter A .She was treasurer . There will be a celebration of Life  Thursday May 5th 6-8 @ Hanes Lineberry , gate City  Greensboro, NC. Cards may be sent to Milissa Wilson & Chad Larson 4521 Plaza Dr. Greensboro, NC 27406


5-1-22 Fmr DD With a heavy heart, I want to let everyone know that Michael Butcher passed away Thursday afternoon. There will be a viewing from 1pm-2pm and a service to follow from 2pm-3pm in Thomasville at JC Green 122 W Main St 122 W Main St., Thomasville, NC 27360 on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022. Michael is the son of former District Directors Andrew and Vickie Butcher, Cards can be sent to 145 Club House Rd., New London, NC 28127


4-29-22 NC-S2/District Steven and Mary are asking for prayers for his nephew who was in a motorcycle accident last night. He was life lighted to UNC from Sanford with a possible fractured pelvis and internal bleeding. Not sure of all the details how it happened but not his fault. Cards can be sent to Joshua Craig, 602 Frazier Dr., Sanford, NC 27332.


4-29-22 NC-S2 Tara Davis’s father is in surgery and she is asking for prayers. Tara is S2’s couple of the year,(part) of it. If you would like to send cards to Donny Zimmer his address is 1917 Hwy 67S Cameron, NC 28326


4-29-22 NC-X/Fmr DD Roger talked to Joy Kennedy and she said Glenn is doing fine and so is she.


4-26-22 NC-N Nick & Shirley Manning’s granddaughter is in the hospital after an accident in bad shape, they need plenty of prayers.


4-26-22 NC-S2 Sue Hays is home from the hospital, still some recovering to do, still needing prayers.


4-26-22 NC-S2 Tara Davis’ dad is having surgery on Friday morning at Chapel Hill. They are asking for prayers


4-25-22 NC-X/Fmr. DD Does more patients mean less patience?  I pray not, I ask you to join me in that prayer as Glenn will be undergoing rotator cuff surgery this morning, giving all four residents at the lake a “patient” status.  In addition to praying for  an effective and uncomplicated surgery, please pray that the peace of Christ so fill the house that as each of us breathe, we breathe in His spirit of peace.  May each of us live out the greatest commandment: “Love the Lord God with all your heart, mind and soul.” And may we also “Love [our housemates] as ourselves” during this already trying time.   His recovery is expected to take about six weeks, just in time for my surgery. For our GWRRA FAMILY Glenn and Joy Kennedy


4-22-22 NC-M2 On Tuesday Bob Topper went to his brother's house (Ken) to check on him. Ken had been to Tennessee for the weekend and returned home Sunday night. He had texted Sunday night that he was home and OK. Monday no one had heard from him but thought it to be normal. Tuesday no one heard from him, so Bob went to his house after work and found Ken deceased. Bob, his dad and Ken were the only family living near here. Ken is 1 year older than Bob. Please keep Bob and Kathy, Bob's dad and their family in your thoughts. Believe local plans will be for family only. Other plans will be made for friends and family in California. Bob and Kathy Topper 105 Braemar Drive Hendersonville, NC 28791


4-20-22 NC-S2/Dist Just giving an update for Mary. She is progressing along but she is still having pain which is causing nausea for her so we will be here at Moore regional another night. I will keep you posted and let you know when we go home.


4-20-22 NC-S2 Sue Hays is still in the hospital , she does have pneumonia , they are having a hard time getting he oxygen level right, and her blood work isn’t right, on top of that she has a sprained . with is swelled. She is sleeping a lot and that is good. She has her phone with her if you want to call her.


4-19-22 NC-S2 Sue is in the hospital with Pneumonia , her oxygen was low so the Dr. sent her to the hospital , not sure about the Pneumonia, her daughter says she has it but Sue wasn’t sure. We need prayers for her, Cards may be sent to her at 146 Ridgeford Lane , Broadway, NC 27505 she has her cell if anyone wants to call her 919 356-5570


3-29-22 NC-S2/Dist Mary Craig will have double knee replacement April 19. She will need our prayers, Cards may be sent to her at 144 Mount Pleasant Lane, Vass, NC 28294


3-26-22 NC-C2 Mike Dunn’s wife passed away yesterday, Mike Dunn, 847 south Wick Ave Clayton, NC 27527 919-585-6038


3-24-22 NC-S2/Dist Mary Felton’s son has his port in so he can start his chemo for his pancreatic cancer. Still need prayers for him, William Smith, 807 Gunter Lake rd., Sanford, NC 27332 in case you want to send cards, he says thank you to those who have and for the prayers.


3-24-22 NC-C2 Just wanted to let everyone know that Charles had surgery this morning and is home resting. Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray for him. Love and appreciate our GWRRA FAMILY!!!! 164 Whitley Church Rd. Princeton, NC 27560


3-8-22 NC-C2 Debbie Lewis from Smithfield C2 fell , she didn’t break anything but is quite sore. If you want to send cards, her address is PO Box 153 Pikeville, NC 27863


3-8-22 NC-C2/Dist Charles Langley will be having surgery for his bladder cancer March 23, he needs our prayers, his address is 164 Whitley Church Rd.Princeston,27560


2-25-22 NC-C2/Dist Dear GWRRA Family, Charles has been diagnosed with bladder cancer again. His surgery is scheduled for March 23. Please continue to pray for him. Love you


2-15-22 NC-S2/District I just found out last night, that my son Billy Smith has pancreatic cancer, this is heart breaking for us, we are asking for prayers for him and our family. If anyone wants to send cards you can send them to William Smith Jr.807 Gunter Lake Rd. Sanford, NC 27332. Mary Felton


2-14-22 NC-S2 Dan Hagerman a member of NC-S2 was in an a auto accident yesterday on 421 in Broadway, he was taken to the ER , he is home now but in pain and needs prayers. If you want to send cards his address is 1385 Lawrence Rd. Broadway, NC 27505.


2-7-22 NC-S2/District Steve & Mary Craig are asking for prayers for two of there grandchildren, Makayla Brent & Raylan Craig, they were hit by a car yesterday crossing the road at school, a woman came flying down the road and hit them, they have minor injuries. Cards may be sent to them at 144 Mt. Pleasant Lane, Vass, NC 28394


2-7-22 NC-H2/District Diana Temple is out of the hospital , still in a lot of pain, she is doing PT, she has two cracked places in her pelvic. She says if she don’t answer calls it’s because she is in so much pain, but loves & appreciates everyone. She is staying with her sister.


2-2-22 NC-H/District Diana Temple from H2 fell last week at her sister’s house at the beach and fractured her pelvis.  I spoke with her husband, Rex, last evening to find out if and when he thought she would be coming back home.  He said it would be a few days before she could travel due to the amount of pain that she is in now and that it would probably take 6-8 weeks for her to heal.  Their home address is 1626 Gate #2 Road, Creedmoor, NC 27522 for any get well wishes.


2-2-22 NC-N So Sorry to announce the passing of one of Chapter N's most faithful members, Ron Thompson.  Ron finally lost his brave battle with Cancer.   He was a wonderful person and will be greatly missed by many. Please send your thoughts, prayers and cards to his wife Pat,  and their family.


1-19-22 NC-G2 Just a quick update.   G2 CD Johnny is now home from his quad bypass heart surgery.   He is in good spirits and looking forward to getting well , having better weather and getting back on his trike. He appreciates everyone's thoughts and prayers.   Still has a ways to go but confident he will get there.


1-10-22 NC-G2 Have some very good news tonight.   G2 CD Johnny Cope had 4 heart bypass surgery today.  It went very well.   They have already removed the breathing tube and he has spoken to Joyce on the phone.   If he continues to improve tonight they may move him to a step down room tomorrow and possibly home Friday. Address is  P. O. Box 625, Waynesville NC 28786


1-8-22 NC-X/District Director Joy Kennedy has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. She will be going through extensive treatment and surgery. Prayers are greatly appreciated. She and Glenn will not be attending in person gatherings/events to prevent oy from catching Covid.


1-4-22 NC-C2 I was just informed that Eddie Lewis is in the hospital with a Staff infection. the address for sending cards to Eddie Lewis is Wayne Memorial is 2700 Wayne Memorial Dr Goldsboro, NC  27534 Room # 331  and if you prefer his home address is  Eddie & Debbie Lewis P O Box 153 Pikeville, NC 27893


1-3-22 NC-N Sorry to advise that Ron is out of remission and has been back in the hospital since last Wednesday.   I am sure he would appreciate cards of encouragement and also prayers for both he and Pat as they deal with this situation again. Prayers that 2022 will be a better year for all of us. Address: Ron Thompson 3795 Mine Creek Rd.  Burlington, NC 27217