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Henry Jinnette, November 13, 2019

Goldwing Family Members Please continue your prayers for Chapter A member Henry Jinnette. As many of you know he has been in and out of the hospital for various infections and pneumonia quite frequently since the first of October.  He continues to fight his cancer with treatments as his body can tolerate. On his behalf, he appreciates all the cards that have been sent to him and all the prayers that have been spoken. Please continue your prayers as he continues his journey. Thanks, Bill and Janice Buckner NC-A Care Bear and Sunshine Lady


Dave Sliversteinís mother and Dave Sliverstein,† November 11, 2019

Dave's mother passed on Wednesday evening. The funeral is this weekend.  Meanwhile, Dave had a heart attack this morning and was taken to the hospital where they said, he needed two stents put in with one more in the next 30 days. They will be staying in NY for at least two more weeks till he can get the OK to go home to get the third stent or stay up there and get it.  Wendy has her hands full, keep them in your prayers.


Clyde Alexanderís grandson, October 31, 2019

Just got word that Clyde Alexander's grandson Allen Alexander passed away Monday.  Cards can be sent to his wife Mrs. Allen Alexander,  571 Central Driv NW,  Concord,NC   28027

 Ricky & Jan Dancy


Jane Petzoid, October 22, 2019

A recent biopsy revealed that Jane Petzold, Event Coordinator for NC-X has cancer.  Tests have determined the cancer is confined to a certain area and has not spread.   She will be going in for surgery on the 28th of this month.  The doctors are not sure at this time if chemotherapy will be needed after the surgery.  We will keep you updated as Jane and Dale deal with this revelation. Please include Jane in your prayers. Cards may be sent to: Jane Petzold 8437 Charlie Stovall Road Oxford, NC  27656 John Bryant NC-X


Alice Manning, October 18, 2019

I wanted to let you know that Alice Manning (1/2 Chapter Director of Chapter D) had her knee surgery yesterday.  Everything went well, but after the surgery she was in a lot of pain,  so they took care of that.  Alice did some walking later in the afternoon a couple of times.  Then this morning they had her walking again.  She is look forward to coming home this afternoon.  She was so ready for this surgery and to get it over with, I guess she will be wide open again soon. If you would like to send a card to Alice address is Alice Manning, 862 Warrenwood Road, Greenville, N C 27834, Bobby I think just needs to rest some, enjoy his coffee and look that their fish. Thanks for taking the time to care Chapter D Sunshine Lady



Vernon Dudleyís mom, October 17, 2019

Wanted to let you know that Vernon Dudley's mom passed this morning.  Cards may be sent to Vernon Dudley, 1025 Wintu Ct., Raleigh, NC  27603. Thanks.................. Verna Dudley


Tena Jordon, October 13, 2019

Tena Jordon had Gall bladder surgery and is healing slowly. Cards can be sent† to145 Cotton Patch Pl.  Southern Pines, NC 28367


Kathy Keeganís sonís father, October 12, 2019

Kathy Keegan's son Chris Oehler lost his father earlier this week.  Please send prayers for him and his family.  Chris is one of our chapter members and we love him dearly. Cards can be sent to 7018 Sandy Forks Place #202, Raleigh NC 27615.


Marie Jones, October 12, 2019

Marie Jones who is another one of our F2 family fell and broke her hip today.  She is at Wake Med Cary, room 203.  Please pray for her fast recovery.  Cards may be sent to 1518 Boxwood Dr., Apex, NC 27502. Don't know if Randy called anyone but I fell at the top of rhe stairs Tuesday morning and broke my hip. Had surgery Wednesday and am home today. Will have to have rehab but will be done at home. Marie is recovering very well from her fall and plans to do her yearly service duty by working at the NC Fair. 


Joe Kramer, October 11, 2019

Joe Kramer from S2 is having surgery on his hand today. Joe Kramer  POBox 635 Carthage, NC 28327,  he had his surgery and is home recovering for a few weeks


Corky Leeís son, October 9, 2019

Hello Goldwing Family, Corkyís son, Allen passed away yesterday. He was at home and it looks like he had trouble breathing and had a heart attack. No arrangements yet but will be posted soon. Appreciated are the prayers and love our Goldwing family always shows. He was survived by his wife Paula and children Megan and Kyle. He had 2 grandsons Axel and Oakley.† Cards may be sent to Paula Lee 1841 Needlemoore Rd. Turkey NC 28393 Thank you to everyone , Love Allyson                                                                                     


Marie Jones, October 7, 2019

Don't know if Randy called anyone but I fell at the top of rhe stairs Tuesday morning and broke my hip. Had surgery Wednesday and am home today. Will have to have rehab but will be done at home. Marie Myrick Jones


Henry Jinnette, October 7, 2019

Henry Jinnette NC-A member Henry Jinnette is currently in Wesley Long Hospital ICU. He is undergoing many tests for recurrence of cancer. At this time, there is no visitation or phone calls per family and doctors. Please keep Henry in your prayers, as he faces many unknowns for now. And remember Jay too when you pray. Cards maybe mailed to Henry at: 5651 Church Street Greensboro NC 27455  Thank you,  NC-A Care Bear  Janice and Bill Buckner


Kenny Bakerís mother, October 5, 2019

NC-C2 is sad to announce the passing of Kenny Bakerís Mother ......Kenny is a long time and very valued and loved staff member of NC-C2 Smithfield. Please keep Kenny in your prayers and positive thoughts. Corespondence can be sent to Kenny Baker 5443 ST. Maryís Church RD. Lucama NC. 27851 tomt


Shannon Holbrook, October 2, 2019

One of X2's members, Shannon Holbrook, had neck surgery Monday down at Baptist.  She had a disc in her neck removed and replaced by a metal one.  She's doing well and returned home Tuesday.  She is also half of our chapter couple.  Cards can be sent to: Shannon Holbrook,348 Boomer Ferguson School Rd., Boomer, NC 28606 Ricky & Jan Dancy


MarieJones, October 2, 2019

Mary Jones who is another one of our F2 family fell and broke her hip today.  She is at Wake Med Cary, room 203.  Please pray for her fast recovery.  Cards may be sent to 1518 Boxwood Dr., Apex, NC 27502. Verna Dudley NC-F2 Chapter Director


Kathy Keeganís sons father, October 2, 2019

Kathy Keegan's son Chris Oehler lost his father earlier this week.  Please send prayers for him and his family.  Chris is one of our chapter members and we love him dearly. Cards can be sent to 7018 Sandy Forks Place #202, Raleigh NC 27615.


Peggy Glasscock, September 17, 2019

Peggy Glasscock from Chapter B2 is having back surgery on the 25th. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.: Cards can be sent to: 243 Dance Hall Rd, Mocksville, NC 27028


Thomas Hamís sister in law, September 12, 2019

Last week I sent you an email about one of our members (Thomas Ham) lost his sister-in-law.  I just found out that the body will be brought back to Florida where the couple live part time.  Cards can be sent to David Ham,325 Saint Andrews Drive, Niceville, Florida 32578 or to Thomas at 3110 Hwy 221, Sparta, NC 28675.  Thanks Ricky & Jan Dancy


Thomas Hamís sister in law, September 6, 2019

One of X2's members, Thomas Ham, lost his sister-in-law Thursday.† She was living in Alaska when she passed away.† Cards can be sent to Thomas Ham, 1330 US Hwy 221, Sparta, NC 28675.† Thanks Ricky & Jan Dancy


Glenda Hamís son,† September 3, 2019

The son of Glenda Ham, one of X2's members, had to have emergency surgery Sunday on his appendix.  He is currently in Elkin Hospital but will be going home with his mother when released.  He would really appreciate cards for GWRRA  chapters.  Cards can be sent to:  Brad Finney, in care of Mrs. Glenda Ham, US Hwy 221, Sparta, NC 28675.  Thanks


Vernon Dudley, August 30,2019

Hey sweetie, Vernon is back in hospital due to more heart arrhythmia problems. His defibrillator went off twice and heís retaining a lot of fluid. Weíve been at Rex since 8/24 and hope to go home as soon as they get meds adjusted. We know everyone has been praying for him and would like for them to keep us in their thoughts and prayers. Itís been keeping him recovering from all these issues. Hugs and kisses to everyone. Verna Verna Dudley


Rex Temple, August 27, 2019

I was on my way to Wing Ding Monday morning with Libby.  We had to turn around and come back to Duke Regional Hospital.  My husband Rex went to go fishing Monday morning and started hurting in his chest and arms.  He actually got the boat home and went to urgent care.  They took him right back to a room and he passed out.  They had to shock him to bring him back to life.  Rushed him by ambulance to hospital and did emergency surgery on him.  He had a heart attack and had a 100% blockage in his lower artery.  They had to go in and put a stent in.    He is still in ICU, but should move him this afternoon to the 5th floor cardiologist.  He is doing better and wants to thank everyone for their prayers.  Love you all.


Rex Temple, August 26, 2019

Would you please let everyone know that Rex is in the hospital at Duke Regional Hospital in ICU.  He had a heart attack this morning. Cards can be sent to Rex Temple, 1626 Gate 2 Rd., Creedmoor NC 27522 Thanks Diana


Lois Shumate,† August 15, 2019

With heavy heart, news received this morning that our GWRRA sister, Lois Shumate passed away at 7:45 pm last night at Cone ICU, with her family beside her. Her body just couldn't fight the sepsis her kidneys and bowel blockage had on her body since Tuesday a week ago. She and her husband Lawrence were previously Chapter Directors for NC W Eden and most recently this year was the Chapter Couple. Please remember Lawrence, Lois's daughter and granddaughter and other family members. VISITATION Friday night at the CHURCH from 6 pm. to 8 pm. FUNERAL Saturday at 1 pm at the CHURCH. Burial at Reidlawn Cemetery Boone & Cooke Funeral Service 7671 NC 770 Eden NC 27288 (about 40 mins from Greensboro) Stoneville Pentecostal Holiness Church 4933 NC 770 Stoneville NC 27048 (about 5 mins from funeral home) Reidlawn Cemetery 1530 Barnes Street Reidsville NC 27320 Lawrence has requested GWRAA members wear your Chapter Shirts and Vest to honor Lois and to be recognized as brothers and sisters to them. He would like all to be seated together as a group - should be a staging area at the church.


Kerney Eason, August 12, 2019

Update on Kerney Eason from NC-C2 Smithfield ............... Very Good News !!!!!!!! ....... Kerney is being sent home later this afternoon from UNC Chapel Hill Burn Center ...... No Skin Grafting needed at this time. tomt 


Kerney Eason,† August 12, 2019

A long time, very active loved by everyone, current ACD. of NC-C2 Smithfield, Kerney Eason is a Life time Member of GWRRA that always tells you yes never no !....( Except Spending The Winter In Florida! ) I can't seem to get him to stay here for the winter. Kerney is in need of prayers and positive thoughts sent his way. Kearney put out a greese fire at his house Sunday afternoon, He has 3ed degree burns to his right hand ......... Kerney is at UNC Chapel Hill Burn Center RM. 5420 will be for a few days. Correspondences can be sent to Kerney Eason 975 Hatcher Rd. Selma NC. 27576. Kerney is not one that wants a lot of HoopLa made over him ........ so lets give him a call 919-348-7995 or send him a card† lets all make a little HoopLa over him !!!!!!!!!thanks† tomt


Ted MacMillian,† August 9, 2019

Ted and Meredith MacMillan, former NC District Treasurers, are in need of cards and prayers. They were also former Chapter Directors for NC 02 in Hickory.  Ted and Med have not been able to ride a motorcycle for several years, but they have enjoyed staying in touch and attending dinner outings. Ted has been in the CICU at Frye Hospital for a couple weeks. He will hopefully be going home soon. Med will be caring for him with the assistance of Palliative Care.  I am requesting that we flood Ted's mail box with cheerful Thinking of You cards.  He will love this!! Please keep Ted and Med in your prayers! Please pass this email on to your members, as there will be folks who remember this special couple. Thank you so much! Beverly Chapman The address for: Ted and Meredith MacMillan: 1630 Nathanial St Newton NC 28658


Lois Shumate, August 8, 2019

Lois Shumate is in Cone Hospital ICU. Their address is Lawrence and Lois Shumate 216 Bedford Dr.  Eden NC. 27288


Bob Remillard, August 7,2019

Bob is home! Bob was very concerned about going home.  I think the insurance company had a lot of say in it. His son states all is well. Please continue to pray for his recovery. Keep the cards coming as well.  He has mentioned several times how much they mean to him. Thanks! 5048 Wrangler Drive Winston-Salem, NC  27101