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District Care BearText Box: Mary Craig 
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Wallace Truelove, November 4, 2018

I received a phone call from Corky today to inform me that Wallace Truelove died yesterday. Wallace was a former member of Fayetteville and I also believe Smithfield. Funeral details TBA. Roy, MEMBERS ARE NUMBER ONE!!! Roy and Cindy Bryant, NC District Director


Evelyn Braswell, October 28, 2018

Surgery went well and we are waiting to see her. May be able to transport home in a couple days. Cards can be sent to 130 Alexander Dr., Rocky Mount NC 27804.


Evelyn Braswell October 28, 2018

Please keep Evelyn Braswell in your prayers. She fell Saturday night and broke her left wrist in 2 places and also broke her left hip. She is half of NC-Z COY. Her husband is with her at the hospital at Myrtle Beach. Evelyn is in surgery to repair wrist and hip. Please keep her and husband Herbert in your prayers. Will keep you posted. Roy Bryant NC District Director.


Lynn Benton. October 21, 2018

Clara Lynn Benton’s memorial service will be held on Monday 29th of October at Noon at the Moyock Methodist Church. We have gotten with Gale and would like to do a pot luck lunch after the memorial service. Tammy and I will be providing chicken for this and would ask that anyone that can please bring a dish and please let me know what’s coming so we can fill in the meal. The address for the church is 268 Caratoke Hwy., Moyock NC 27958. Jeffery Shunk, NC-E2 CD


Lynn Benton, October 17, 2018

This link is to the memorial page for Lynn. It is looking like the memorial service will be at Moyock Methodist Church, Moyock, NC on the 29th of October. Hopefully the date will be firmed up on the 23rd and I can put out times then. Thank you all for the support and prayers for Gale in the last few days. Jeff Shunk, NC-E2 CD. https://.altmeyerfuneralandcremation.com/obituary/clara-benton/#W8dfEOd619k.gmail


Lynn Benton, October 16, 2018

Cards and condolences for Lynn Benton can be sent to Gale Benton at 160 Dozier Road, Moyock, NC 27958. Once the cremation has taken place Gale will schedule a celebration of Life for Lynn. Thank you all, Jeff Shunk, NC-E2 CD


Connie Eason, October 16, 2018

Prayers and Positive thoughts are needed to be sent the Eason Family’s way! Connie Eason a long time NC-C2 Smithfield Member that has been everything NC-C2 has needed twice or more is having some test run…She is well known by Members of GWRRA across District of NC. We at NC-C2 Smithfield are asking everyone for a positive outcome! NC-C2 tomt


Lynn Benton, October 15, 2018

It is with great sadness that I have to say that Lynn Benton passed away early this morning. She was 1/2 of NC-E2’s Former CD’s. I will get further information out when arrangements are made. Please keep her husband Gale in your prayers. Jeffery Shunk, NC-E2 CD, River City Wings


Diana Temple’s brother, October, 12, 2018

Diana Temple has been at Duke Hospital all week with her brother who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer. He has 20 leisure on his brain and 4 spots on his ling. He has started radiation treatment and is doing ok. Not sure the route he will take as for his lungs, but right now since he has so many leisure and bleeding of the brain and swelling he is on medication and taking radiation treatments. I am asking for all prayers for him. Thanks Diana Temple. 


James Holmes, October 8, 2018

One of F2 members James Holmes is in the hospital with pneumonia. Please send cards to 412 McLean St., Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526. Thanks so much.


Diana Temple, October 5, 2018

I would like to let every one know my surgery I had on Tuesday went well. The doctor seems to think he got all the cancer in my leg, been resting and keeping my leg elevated for three days to keep the swelling down and from bleeding. I also had a place on my neck frozen, so now I have a big blister. Just pray and hope it is not cancer. I will know more when I go back in two weeks. Asking for prayers. Diana Temple, 1626 Gate 2 Road, Creedmoor, NC 27522.


A.J. Hudson, October 4, 2018

A.J. Hudson is doing good with his cataract surgery, hates the drops. A.J has always been the health one, so things like this drives him crazy. Thanks for taking time to care, Betty, Chapter D.


Mrs, Ada, October 4, 2018

We would like every one to know that Mrs. Ada is doing good. She is able to come to Chapter D gather. What a pleasure to have them back with us. Thanks for taking the time to care, Betty, Chapter D


Ronnie Wilson, October 4, 2018

We would like for you to know that a member of our chapter D had knee surgery today Ronnie Wilson. She was scheduled for surgery the day of that Hurricane Florence was to come a land., so they closed the New Bern Hospital and would reschedule her their first opening, So today was her day, and ready she was, Gerald called this morning to let us know that surgery went great and told him her knee was completely worn out. Ronnie will have to stay tonight and go home tomorrow, we are so very happy for her, nowshe will have two good knees. If you would like to send Ronnie a card of encouragement Ronnie Wilson, 5454 Bear Grass Road, Williamston, NC 27892. Thanks for taking the time to care, Betty, Chapter D


Teddy Harding, September 30, 2018

Teddy Harding was admitted to the hospital Saturday in Clyde, NC. While at WOtS he experienced severe pain mostly on the right side of his body including a swollen shoulder, knee, and ankle, Minor surgery was performed Sunday morning to drain fluid and blood from his knee. Early diagnosis is arthritis and gout. We will keep you informed as information is available. Please include Teddy & Deborah in your prayers. He is in room 242, Haywood Regional Medical Center, 262 Leroy George Dr., Clyde, NC 28721. 828-456-7311. Home: 102 Agnew Ct., Wake Forest, NC 27857. John


 Charles and Sue Langley’s great grandson, September 17, 2018

Charles and Sue Langley’s great grandson Ridge, is needing every one to pray again. His mother was staying in SC with her family during Hurricane Florence. On 9-14 he was taken to a local hospital and doctors there decided that he needed to be in NC at UNC, where he has been so much recently because the doctors are very familiar with his case. The weather would not permit life flight until today. His mother was allowed to take life flight with him. They arrived this afternoon around 5pm. Thankful for a safe flight under current weather conditions. Please keep him in your prayers. Our deepest appreciation goes to our GWRRA family for their faithfulness in praying. Thank you, Charles and Sue Langley.


Ron and Alice Myer’s son, September 10, 2018

Ron and Alice Myers son Gary had a massive heart attack early Saturday morning. Gary is in intensive care. Cards should be sent to lice Myers at 819 Cliff Dr. McCleansville, NC 27301. Tom FitzGerald, CD GWRRA NC-A


Bobby McIntyre, September 8, 2018

Bobby McIntyre fell off her horse yesterday and broke 3 ribs. She is home now and resting. Cards can be sent to P.O. Box 548, Cameron NC 28326. Sue Hays, NC-S2


Debby Canady’s sister, September 7, 2018

Please pray for NC-A members, Debby Canady (Mack) and family upon the death of her sister Cynthia Dean, who passed away on Wednesday. There will be no formal service at this time. Memorial contributions may be made to Southeastern Fire Department, 6012 Liberty Road, Climax, NC 27233. Cards may be mailed to Debby and Mack Canady at 524 Muirs Chapel Road, Greensboro, NC 27410.


Colleen FitzGerald, September 6, 2018

Fellow members, Colleen FitzGerald’s mom, Lenora Raxter, passed away early this morning from complications of Alzheimer’s disease. Her long good bye from  age 74 to 89 is over. Arrangements will be announced in the com ing days. Tom FitzGerald, CD. GWRRA NC-A


Steve and Mary Craig’s daughter and granddaughter, September 5, 2018

Hello Everyone, The doctors got Stephanie's blood pressure down low enough so that her and the baby could come home. They were released from the hospital Monday September 3, 2018. Stephanie still needs prayers for her blood pressure. It is not where it should be, she is on medicine. Please pray that it works. Thanks, Mary Craig, NC District Care Bear


Charles and Sue Langley’s great grandson, September 2, 2018

Charles and I are asking everyone for prayers for our great grandson, Ridge. He was discharged from UNC Hospital yesterday after having two serious brain surgeries this past week.  He was at home, became very ill and was life flight from WMH in Goldsboro  back to UNC, Chapel Hill this afternoon. Please keep praying for Ridge and all of those caring for him. Love all of you, Charles and Sue Langley


Paul Trahan, September 1, 2018

To All: Paul’s internment will be at 11 am on September 8 at the Lorraine Park Cemetery, 5608 Dogwood Rd, Baltimore MD  21207.  Preliminary instructions are to meet at the Sanctuary Mausoleum, straight up from the main entrance.   Kristen indicated to Judy that she would like the motorcycles to escort Paul’s ashes to the grave sight.  Not quite sure how it is going to work out yet.  I spoke with Phil Godwin, Paul’s life-long friend, about that and Phil said that it was only a short walk from the mausoleum to the grave sight.  So, perhaps there will not e a riding escort, However, just having the motorcycles show ups in the parking lot will be a wonderful and appreciated tribute to Paul.  Kristen also mentioned a luncheon or gathering of some sort after the burial.  I am not sure how that is going to work out, but just for planning purposes, please give me an RSVP no later than Thursday mid day (919 538-4911) with number of attendees who plan to attend the social afterwards.  I will be back to you with further information on the social.  Kristen also asked if we could bring some pictures of her dad with his motorcycle friends and if we could tell some stories about our riding experiences with her dad.  I am sure we all have about 20 or 30 funny stories,  or simply fond memories of Paul.  For those here in NC:   We will be canceling our planed trip to the Outer Banks next weekend to attend Paul’s internment in Baltimore.  So,  be sure to cancel your reservations prior to 9/4/18 so you do not get charged for the room.  I would like to gather with those from NC who plan to go up to Maryland for the internment and social.  Perhaps we can meet for breakfast on Tuesday morning at 8:30 at the Hometown Cafe in Franklinton to finalize plans for the trip up to Maryland.  For those in Maryland: Please get the word out to those in MD who knew Paul to see if we can get lots of motorcycles at the internment to honor Paul and show his family just how much Paul meant to GWRRA and all of us.  I remember escorting Paul and Linda’s son, Scott to this cemetery after his untimely death about 14 years ago.  The Wings made a tremendous impression on the Trahan family.  Also please RSVP to me with a count of attendees so I can pass this to Kristen. Below is the Obit for  Paul.   https://www.dignitymemorial.com/obituaries/baltimore-md/paul-trahan-797516