District Goody Sales
Text Box:      There is now a license plate that has been specifically designed for the North Carolina Gold Wing Road Riders Association. It is made of aluminum and is the same size as a standard auto license plate. We will have a limited number available during the NC District Convention for $12.00 each. We will also be taking prepaid orders at the GWRRA Goodies table for these plates. ($12.00)
Text Box:      There's nothing more aggravating than to get a pin, wear it proudly, and then discover that it has fallen off because the butterfly clip lost its grip. We are now stocking the pin locks that are secured by an allen wrench (provided in each bag of 12 locks). ($5.00) 
Text Box: Discontinued Items Order Forms

More Goodies have been added to the Discontinued Items Order Form, and the form has new, lower prices. Supplies are limited. 

When ordering goodies please use one of the updated forms posted above on this web page.
Text Box: NC GWRRA Goodies Sales cannot accept on-line, credit card, or debit card orders at this time.

     There are two formats for the NC District Goody Items order forms. Choose either:

Microsoft Excel spreadsheet

                                   Automatic order totaling and choose the "SAVE" option. Open the saved document and fill it out - the prices and total are automatically calculated. Add your information at the bottom of page two. Then email the order form to us and mail your check or print & mail the order form and the check together. Our addresses are at the bottom of page two of the order form.

Adobe Acrobat 5.0 format

                                   Print and manually fill out the form to mail in with payment.



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