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Sue and Charles Langley

     As North Carolina District Membership Enhancement Coordinators, we would like you all to know that we have an open door policy and if at any time you need our assistance please feel free to contact us: slangley5452@gmail.com;  or call at (919) 222-2810. If we do not know the answer, we will find out and get back to you.


     We encourage each Chapter to honor a special couple as its Couple of the Year. The Couple of the Year Program is the life blood and future of any Chapter. Chapter Couples encourage visitation, and without visitation from other Chapters, things become routine and soon Members will lose interest. Chapters need to intermingle with each other, new ideas evolve and life is put back into the Chapters that play together. As for Chapter of the Year, this goes hand in hand with the Couple of the Year. This also brings life into a Chapter by doing things together, not only at gatherings but at events that each Chapter schedules throughout the year. The Chapter that plays together stays together.


     If a Chapter has a Membership Enhancement Coordinators position some responsibilities could be Chapter of the Year Coordinator, Area Report Coordinator, etc. The Duties and Responsibilities of the Membership Enhancement Coordinator can be found on the Membership Enhancement web site. http://med.gwrra.org


     The http://med.gwrra.org will also give you the information you will need for the Couple of the Year and Chapter of the Year Program. The Chapter of the Year Program Link is below. It also offers several links such as Fun Activities, Public Relations, Recruiting & Retention and News Letter Award, just to mention a few. The Membership Enhancement web site has great information and ideas to help Chapters and Chapter Membership Enhancement Coordinators.


     If your Chapter is planning on participating in the Chapter of the Year Program, please start in January accumulating and documenting points throughout the year. Submission of score sheet and supporting documentation must be received by January 5th for the previous year program. Example: For 2015 Chapter of the Year, documentation must be received by January 5, 2016. The Chapter of the Year will be announced at the yearly Operations Meeting.



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