Text Box: White Chapter Cards

Goal: For each NC chapter to visit all NC Chapters. This can be accomplished by a team effort from your chapter. Great bonding time for your members!


There is no minimum number from your chapter. Visitor (s) should wear vests or chapter shirts.
You must provide a valid GWRRA membership card.
Any method of transportation may be used.
At the visited chapter, you will pick up the visit card from the Chapter Director. When you return to your home chapter, turn that card in to your Chapter Director so all visitations made from your chapter can be counted.
When all chapters have been visited by your chapter, the Chapter Director will then turn in all cards to the Assistant District Directors.
The Chapter that turns in all the cards will be awarded $150 during the Operations Meeting in January of the following year. In the event more than one chapter makes all the visits, a drawing will be held.

This program begins on January 1 and ends on November 30.
Chapter Visitation Contest