Tarheel Traveler's PlaqueText Box:      
Text Box:      The purpose of this program is to promote visitation and friendly competition at the chapter level. Any and all chapter "participants" may participate in the capture of the Tar Heel Traveler. 

A minimum of two (2) North Carolina GWRRA members, representing their home Chapter, is required to capture the Tar Heel Traveler.  District Staff (maximum of 1) may stand in for you as a member; however, if the District Staff member is standing with their home chapter, there is no maximum. 

The plaque may be captured by automobile or motorcycle. 

There is no minimum mileage required. The chapter traveling the longest distance will claim the plaque. The visiting chapter should bring a map with them from Map Quest to show correct mileage from chapter to chapter.  The releasing Chapter Director shall have the final say in determining distance traveled before awarding the plaque.

The capturing Chapter Director is responsible for notifying Libby Jennings by email at libbyjennings@yahoo.com  or by phone (919-732-7961 Home) or (919-291-1918 Cell) within 24 hours of capture. 

Within thirty five (35) days of capture, starting the day and hour captured, the capturing chapter must make the plaque available at their next monthly gathering or at their scheduled Chapter Special Event, whichever comes first. Once a chapter has captured the plaque, that chapter is not eligible to capture it again until one other chapter has captured the plaque; however if the plaque is not captured at the next monthly gathering or scheduled Chapter Special Event, then at the following gathering or event, any North Carolina chapter, including the previous chapter that possessed the plaque, may capture it to avoid having the plaque sitting idle for more than one month. 

The plaque should be awarded within the first 15 minutes of the gathering or special events starts. 

The capturing chapter will attach a visitation bar to the Tar Heel Traveler upon capture. 

The chapter capturing the plaque the most times will receive permanent possession of the plaque and $100.00.  Any ties will be decided by a drawing at the 2022 North Carolina Officer’s Conference held the last Saturday in January.

In the month of November, the only chapters eligible to capture the plaque are those with a scheduled gathering in November after the date they capture the plaque.

The inclusive dates for this program are from date of Officer’s Conference to 
November 30th of each year.

This Plaque retires on November 30th, 2021.
Please get Plaque to Libby Jennings as soon as possible after November 30th.